Sonic Triptych: A Laboratory of Sound in Three Counterpoints

Organised for CASCA Cuba 2018 by

Carlo A. Cubero – Tallinn University

Pablo D. Herrera – University of St. Andrews

Brandon Labelle – University of Bergen


This interactive anthropological laboratory explores different methodologies, technologies, and approaches towards understanding sonic experiences on their own terms. The laboratory examines different sound recording methodologies as a means to engage with and render aspects of the sonic experience. The experiments that will take place in this laboratory are designed to reflect on the insights that anthropological theories and practises offer practise-based sound studies. Conversely, the laboratory will invite participants to assess their own anthropological practices by actively engaging with sound recording methodologies. What understandings are gained, and which are lost when anthropologists rely on sound recordings as their main methodological approach? What kind of collaborations are enabled or disabled when working with sound recording equipment? The intention of this laboratory is to reflect and consider the ubiquity of sound in constituting social experiences through hands-on exercises.

Timetable  Themes

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